Is WP7 UI really more efficient then iOS/Android?

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WP7 is great for small numbers of apps, when it gets a little more filled, WP7 does indeed struggle.

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One horizontal swipe, and then however many vertical ones it takes to get to the particular app you are looking for. I'm not sure how long ago you used an iPhone, but it sounds like it was before they introduced folders and the ability to easily arrange the icons any way you choose.

Don't get me wrong, I have a WP7 phone (an HD7, running the Mango beta), and I love it, but app organization is NOT one of its strong suits. I think that iOS is far better in this regard.

It will improve with Mango though where they are adding the alphabetical filters. I am not sure if either approach is better. I had many folders on my iPhone but then sometimes I was lost because I wouldn't remember where I put that app in.

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