What was Apple thinking releasing another 3G iphone?


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....maybe because nowhere else in the world has any 4G networking, or if they do its a very small amount.

The UK won't be getting it until at least 2015 because ofcomm (UK version of the FCC) pushed back the sale of the frequencies needed until then...

Just because the US has some 4G and other manufacturers are making 4G phone doesn't mean its the right thing to do, most other manufacturers have 10-15 if not more phone out at anyone time so they can make 1 or 2 4G phone to sell to the few people in the world who can either afford, or get 4G and sell there other phones to the rest of their customers.

Apple only has 3 phones, 1 free (on most contracts) and really old. 1 cheaper and older, one brand new and more expensive, its a global phone and the US market still isn't big enough to make it worth it.

I wouldn't even be surprised if the 5 still won't have 4G.

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      TSMC told Nikkei that the gas contamination leak should not cause significant delays to the chip manufacturing but it still has to take time to carry out checks to ensure there are no issues with production quality. According to sources speaking to Nikkei, the issue only affected manufacturing in a limited way and those employees who had gone home were called to return to the factory to get the situation under control.

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      With the changes, customers that have taken out insurance will be able to go to Apple Stores and Apple Authorised Service Providers and get priority access to Apple experts via webchat and over the phone at any time help is needed. One of the unique things about AppleCare with EE is that any excess costs from the repair of a device in the store can be added to your mobile bill for you to pay later. If you’re not near an Apple Store, EE has expanded its in-store repair service to 85 stores across the country where you can drop your phone off.

      The Damage Cover with AppleCare Services starts at £5.99 per month. You’ll be able to get a next-day replacement device or take your phone to the Apple Store to be repaired, it covers accidental damage to the phone and in-box charging accessories, you get worldwide cover, unlimited damage claims, cover for breakdowns, a multi-policy discount, and a free Minute One Accessories Bundle worth £24.99 on selected devices.

      The Full Cover insurance with AppleCare Services starts at £9.49 per month and offers all the services above plus next day replacement for loss or theft of a customers’ handset. Full Cover customers will also get a Minute One Premium Accessories Bundle worth £39.99 on selected devices.

      To buy either of the insurance options, just select them while you’re in the process of purchasing a new phone from EE.

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      Last month, Folha de S. Paulo, a Brazilian newspaper, reported that criminals were stealing iPhones in Brazil not to resell them but to gain access to bank accounts of the stolen iPhones' users. Recently, the police have been able to get to the bottom of how these criminals do that.

      The Sao Paulo police arrested one of those gangs and the criminals revealed how they crack the security of stolen iPhones. One of the criminals stated that he is capable of unlocking iPhone 5 to iPhone 11 models. According to Police Chief Fabiano Barbeiro, the criminals only need the iPhone SIM card to access all the data of the device.

      The criminals would use the SIM card of the stolen iPhone in another iPhone and search social networks such as Instagram and Facebook to find out the email address of the stolen iPhone's owner. Usually, this email address is also the one used for their Apple ID. Once the criminals have identified the email address for the Apple ID, they would reset the password of the Apple ID using the phone number of the victim.

      Barbeiro stated that:

      Following the report of Folha de S. Paulo, Apple assured that it will allow users to delete their data from stolen iPhones in a hassle-free way, but it did not state the exact measures it will implement for that to be possible.

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