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What was Apple thinking releasing another 3G iphone?

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philcruicks    259

....maybe because nowhere else in the world has any 4G networking, or if they do its a very small amount.

The UK won't be getting it until at least 2015 because ofcomm (UK version of the FCC) pushed back the sale of the frequencies needed until then...

Just because the US has some 4G and other manufacturers are making 4G phone doesn't mean its the right thing to do, most other manufacturers have 10-15 if not more phone out at anyone time so they can make 1 or 2 4G phone to sell to the few people in the world who can either afford, or get 4G and sell there other phones to the rest of their customers.

Apple only has 3 phones, 1 free (on most contracts) and really old. 1 cheaper and older, one brand new and more expensive, its a global phone and the US market still isn't big enough to make it worth it.

I wouldn't even be surprised if the 5 still won't have 4G.

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