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Music by Paul Van Dyk @ http://www.paulvandyk.com/  (don't forget to vote for pvd or tiesto!) :blush:

Visual Style > SmoothStripe by Kol @ http://www.studiotwentyeight.net

Winamp Skin > SmoothStripe by Kol @ http://www.studiotwentyeight.net

Iconpackager > Soft Icons by Dirceu Veiga @ http://www.wincustomize.org

Yz's Dock > M. Yamaguchi

Yz's Docklets > Haitham and docklets creators @ http://www.yzdocklets.com/

Icons > iCandy by Foood @ http://www.foood.net - DefaultXP by Unknown

Wallpaper > Crystallized by Unknown @

*if my screenshot too big..i beg your pardon :( *

feels relaxaxing on my eyes...Thank You for all the creative creators out there for giving me chance to spice up my laptop :)

You'll probably want to make the shot a little smaller. The size limits aren't really polite suggestions, but more like rules. :blush:

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Sorry I meant this one, the quote button should be at the bottom of each profile

I dunno, i think it was in Ximian Desktop 2 Thread.

And its too big to upload it here :no:

Give me your email and i'll send it!

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Visual Style: Windows Classic

Icons: Default XP

Wallpaper: Simplistic Ideas by ???

Simplistic ideas by me HeXuM and is available at my site WallWorks :D

:) Great wallpapers HeXuM. Do you have anymore? I noticed a few different styles in your desktops alittle while back.

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i hope the screenshot is good enough (i have to get some webspace again ;) )

well, the wp is "selfmade". i'm using the good old bluecurve icons and the windows classic theme + i hacked some dll and the explorer.exe


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here is mine nothing special....changed all my icons back to default ones looks just so much better. ;)

VS Theme: Classix10k (by can't remember whom :D)

Wallpaper: skyBlue (by me)

WMP 9 skin: iTunesOSX (by Stevie BM and Binary)


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Theme: Pixelinear by arhra (modded by me)

Icons: G.A.N.T. by mattahan (Iconpackager Theme by Dreams in Digital)

Wallpaper: ErgoGANT by me (used icon from mattahan)

Rainlendar: Moderna

YZ Shadow

YZ Toolbar with G.A.N.T. Icons by hyprnova

G.A.N.T. Icon Theme for Firebird by kenlynch


Click for 1280x1024 (240 kB)

Can I have that date thingy you have there? (guh.. forgot the name)

(The double post is becuase my last post isn't related to this one... Please merge them if you find it necessary)

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Although today is still September here.. White Rabbit. :D

Here's my new 'un for teh moonth of Octobre. ;)


(Click thumbnail for larger image)

Visual Style:- Velvet Waves (Standard - Marine)

Wallpaper:- Mystic Blue

Icon Package:- LaST (Cobalt) XP V1

Rainlendar:- Moderna (Classic)

Winamp:- Velvet Waves (Marine)

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- visual style - ReLuna by Bant

- winamp2 - gant by me

` (just main window skinned. if any of the regular wa2 skinners wanna finish/touch it up and then get permission from mattahan, i'll send you the files.)

- wallpaper - winter's breath lake by hermik

- firebird - gant by lynchknot

i wish everyone would follow the rules that are in the first post on this thread. please tell people what you're using so we don't have to ask. :rolleyes:

btw yanks lose. (Y)

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