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Adding text in video - Adobe Premiere Pro

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Brandon    175

I'm doing a project for my advertising class am using Premiere Pro for the editing. I was able to figure out how to stitch together the video, but the two things I can't seem to figure out are:

1. Adding "black" spots for text. We want to do this silent film style and between scenes have a 3-4 second frame that is just black with text.

2. At the end, the picture blurs out, we want to put our logo over it.

How can we achieve this?

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farmeunit    435

If I remember right, just leave a space in between parts of the video and they'll be black. You can also right-click, New Item, Black Video in CS5, over where you import files. If you're doing effects, like film grain, then that's what you would need.

As for the logo, go to Title, New Title, Default Still, right-click in the work area, and go to Logo->Insert Logo.

I'm not a Premiere expert, but hopefully that'll help.

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