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Skype for Windows Update

We have just released an update to Skype for Windows (version 5.8). Please download this latest version now and let us know what you think about it by commenting on our Support Network or by filing issues on our public issue tracker.

Features and improvements of Skype 5.8 for Windows are:

  • Full HD video-calling
  • Support for Facebook audio and video-calling (beta)
  • Group screen sharing
  • Hide offline Facebook contacts
  • Push to Talk
  • Skype updater service
  • Bing Toolbar integration

Full HD video-calling

Now you can make crystal clear video-calls with your loved ones or business contacts by utilizing the latest technology for Skype and Logitech, which is incorporated into the latest update to Skype for Windows and the Logitech C920 webcam.

Video encoding is done inside the camera and enables full HD and HD video quality with older computers. To enjoy full HD quality at its best, you will need at least a 2 Mbps upload/download speed.

Group screen share

Group screen sharing allows users to share their entire screen or a single application window with other participants on a conference call while continuing to stream video. To start a group screen share, choose the + menu during a call and select "share my screen."

Video calling to Facebook users

Now you can make video calls with all of your friends on Facebook, even if they aren't Skype users. To start a video call with a Facebook friend, select the person in your list and click "video call."

Push to Talk

We have introduced a "Push to Talk" feature in Skype. Many people who are playing multiplayer games have requested this feature, which allows users to set a hotkey to toggle microphone muting on a Skype call. You can set the "Push to Talk" up on the hotkey's selection under tools > options > advanced > hotkeys.

Download the most recent version of Skype for Windows today and share your feedback by commenting on our Support Network or by filing issues on our public issue tracker.

Skype Security is pleased to recognize the security researchers who have helped make Skype products safer by finding and reporting security vulnerabilities. Each name listed represents an individual or company who has privately disclosed one or more security vulnerabilities in our products and worked with us to remediate the issue.

Masato Kinugawa


Source: Skype Garage blog

Download: Skype for Windows

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I'm sure the answer is no, but did they finally add back a basic function that they never should've removed in the first place, which is a simple volume control right on the call screen? I like the new look kind of, though that call bar is annoying when it pops up in the middle of the video, but that was really stupid of them to remove such a basic and much needed feature. Bring back the volume control and have the call bar built into the program and off of the video. Two changes that would make it way better! I can even put up with the annoying Skype banner in the top corner of the screen, if they would just change those features. Someone post this on their message forum, cause I don't have an account. Listen to the people, Skype/Microsoft!

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I bet pc gamers are going to love this release. PTT is huge, and I'm sure MS might have influenced the addition of the feature considering how big pc gaming is. As far as I can see, MS is proving a lot of people wrong and proving skype is going to only get better and bigger.

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