Woman trapped in car by killer dogs

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WOODLAND, Wash. -- A woman was trapped in her car after two dogs killed her goats in Woodland.

On the morning of January 24, the woman saw the two Rottweilers attack her goats. When she confronted the dogs, they chased her, according to The Daily News. That's when she locked herself in her car and called 911.

"I was always worried about cougars getting my goats," the woman said on the 911 call, obtained by KGW NewsChannel 8. "I never would have thought..."

The woman also mentioned on the 911 call that children catch their school bus near the area where the goats were attacked. Near the end of the call, the woman began honking her car horn at the dogs.

"I don't want the dogs to run away," she told the dispatcher. "I don't want them to do this to someone else's animals."

A neighbor ended up shooting one of the dogs, which ran away but was later found and euthanized; the other dog was reunited with its owner and was declared a dangerous animal, the newspaper reported.


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partially related: Back when the movie Cujo came out my girlfriend took me to see it... at a drive in. I had not read the book, so I did not have any idea that the story takes place with the person stuck in their car.... anyway, not the best drive in movie.

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