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I have created a guide that shows people how to convert videos for the PS Vita. I was inspired to make this guide because there are very few guides on the internet that cover how to convert videos for the Vita using only free software.

I prefer to use XMedia Recode because it is really configurable and versatile and works 99% of the time. The only real limitation I can think of is a lack of Subtitle support.

Aside from that, XMedia Recode is boss.

Check out this guide. If you find it useful, please send it to your friends. Also, I am interested in your feedback. You can post it here or in my guide. :)

[link snipped]



Elephants Dream Converted using Xmedia Recode:

Please note, the video preview does not indicate the actual quality of the video since it has been reconverted by Google.

You can download this video by going to File --> Download. This video will work on your PS Vita! Enjoy!

[link snipped]

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Guidelines & Pointers for this forum

This is Neowin's 'A' Forum. If you came here looking for help when no-one else could help you, chances are you need the 'A' Forum *cue music* 'A Collection of Essential Guides' are member and staff submitted articles or guides that cover most areas and have been deemed both accurate and helpful to our community.

If you are willing to contribute a guide, Neowin requests that you post the entire guide in the first post of the thread (or at least as much as possible). Threads that post little more than a brief description and a link to an external guide will be closed.

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