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Woman ships pensioner to India, saves on care costs

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A woman who shipped a 72-year-old disabled patient to his death in India while she took over his home and estate is facing neglect charges in Switzerland.

Wealthy farmer Uwe Moeller was taken out of his care home by the woman - a stock market trader - who claimed to be his partner, a court in Winterthur heard.

Judges heard that Moeller was then sent to India where he was said to be staying with friends of the defendant - where he died within months.

The court heard that the man had no relatives or dependent other than the 12 year younger partner ? now aged 65 - and her daughter.

It was not part of the proceedings to work out how she came to be legally representing him or under what circumstances he had signed papers to make her daughter, 25, officially his child and heir to his estate. It was revealed that the pair had never lived together, but that she controlled his bank accounts and described herself as his "partner".

He was left permanently disabled in 2004 after apparently trying to kill himself with a gun. He was unable to use any words other than to answer simple questions with the words yes and no, and was completely disabled down his right side.

He was moved into a home but in 2007, the woman had taken him out of the home and moved him to India.

She said that she had met a family from North India who had worked for a while in Switzerland and kept up contact ? and they had agreed to care for the man.

She paid by transferring over a monthly amount and said that she had taken their personally and showed the family how to use the medicines that he needed.

The accusation before the court is that she inflicted "severe psychological and physical harm" to the man in order to save costs and ensure that her daughter's inheritance was not diminished.

The court papers show that the man had died less than a year later although it was not known exactly when - apparently from a lack of hygienic care. It is also not known what happened to his body, but it was believed to have been burnt.

The case continues.


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That's a very weird case.

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