Microsoft HQ in Greece attacked by terrorist car bomb

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Microsoft headquarters in Greece attacked

Assailants attacked the offices of Microsoft in Athens early on Wednesday, driving a van through the front doors and setting off an incendiary device that burned the building entrance, police said.

27 June 2012

There were no reports of injuries in the pre-dawn attack on the US company's headquarters in the Greek capital, located in the Maroussi suburb north of the city centre.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Authorities said no warning call had been made before the attack.

Greece has experienced attacks by several small armed anarchist or domestic terrorist groups for decades, which usually target official buildings, banks or symbols of state power with small bombs or incendiary devices. The attacks usually occur late at night and rarely cause injuries.

Police said initial information indicated three people had been inside the van. They forced the two security guards at the building to leave before they reversed the van into the front entrance, smashing the door.

The two security guards were giving testimony to police.

The assailants then triggered an incendiary device inside the van that police said appeared to have consisted of camping gas canisters and several containers of gasoline.

Source - The Telegraph

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Although it's still a terrorist attack, at least the attackers seemed to have the decency to limit casualties, even forcing the guards to leave before detonating.

This is taking a dislike of Windows 8 to a whole new level, though.

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MS dude: i am just asking a simple of obdiance to metro guidline

you dear to threat to use metro , *draw the bomb*

this madness!!!

No, This is SPARTA!!!!

* detonate MS building *

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Thanks, added to main..

Of course. I met with Microsoft Global Security once, and they seem fairly well-prepared for these sorts of incidents. During the Mumbai bombings/attacks, for example, one of the buildings that was damaged (it was across the street from one of the actual targets) housed a Microsoft office, and a few local (non-Microsoft) employees were killed. They've begun drilling for these sorts of things around the world. As soon as the attackers showed up on camera, I'm sure that one of their GSOCs was monitoring the situation.

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