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Man takes loaded gun into Batman film

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White Man    50

A US man allegedly told police that he had taken a loaded gun into a screening of The Dark Knight Rises but did not use it.

Timothy Courtois, 49, allegedly made the confession to police after they reportedly found multiple firearms and press clippings about the Colorado movie massacre in his car when he was pulled over.

Courtois, from Maine, was stopped on a highway on Sunday morning for allegedly speeding at 180km/h, TV station WABI reports.

He then allegedly told police that he had hidden a loaded gun in his backpack while he saw the new Batman movie less than 24 hours after Friday's Colorado cinema massacre.

He also allegedly told police he was driving to shoot his former employer.

Police said they found an AK-47 assault rifle, four handguns and several boxes of ammunition in his car when they pulled him over.

A raid on Courtois' home allegedly also uncovered a machine gun and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

In Colorado today, accused gunman James Holmes alternated between appearing sleepy and wide-eyed during his first court appearance.

Holmes did not speak during the ten-minute hearing and has been ordered to remain in jail.

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DocM    13,070

And this pertains to legal posession & carry how, other than a damned good reason for his employer & coworkers to have protection?

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