Copy of Beat Hazard Ultra for free

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So like Javik with his copy of Portal thread, I am sitting on a code for a copy of Beat Hazard Ultra for Steam. Since I'm a long time member, and it's kinda fun to do this sort of thing, I decided to go ahead and randomly give out the code like Javik is doing for Portal :)

For those unaware of the game, it's a twin stick shooter, which uses your music to create the enemies and patterns the enemies use, along with the intensity of the action on screen etc. It's very psychedelic and colorful to say the least :D With the Ultra release a few months ago, the developer added new enemy types, support for streaming radio stations (which is really cool imo) and other requested features from the community. Oh and the game supports online multiplayer as well. You can use pretty much any file type, though some are covered by DLC (aac for example is I believe).

To check out the game go here

Here is a nice video showcasing the insanity that can happen on screen:

Now, as for giving the code for the game away. Do NOT PM me about it, I will ignore (or worse if you continue to PM me block you) you if you do. You simply have to be a member of the forums (obviously) and just post in this thread. Oh, and if you are a one post wonder, don't bother posting in the thread. I'll be ignoring those posts. Anyone else can win the code, including Neowin staff members, admins and what not. In any event, on Friday morning at about 6AM EDT or so, I'll just randomly go through the thread and pick someone. I'll then PM you and once you respond, I'll send you the code for the game :)
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Dark Reaper

Been meaning to try this, hope I win!

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+Eternal Tempest

Put's ticket in fish bowl.

Looks like this could be a fun game.

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Looks interesting. Im in!

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Looks interesting.

If I win then I'll post one of the games lurking around in my gift folder. Maybe we can have a chain of freebies going!

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Yeowtch! Definitely looks like something I could get into.

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I am hypnotized

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It's a really fun game, haven't tried ultra yet.

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Looks cool and works on OS X. Cout me in.

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Looks pretty cool. Pick me!

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I love this game. Count me in.

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Looks good and a generous offer, please count me in!

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Oooh gimme gimme, plz & thank you

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seems like an interesting game, and I have my xbox controller so :)

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Count me in, please!

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Looks like a pretty neat game. Count me in!

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