Copy of Beat Hazard Ultra for free

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Can't win if i don't try

Thanks :)

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You guys got about 12 hours left before I pick someone. So if you haven't already posted in the thread for the giveaway, do it now or forever hold your piece! :D

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Here's my entry...

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Jesse Carlton

yay giveaways!

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Great game... and I enjoy the seizures.

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Denis W.

The iOS version is fun.

And yes 'tis an entry :)

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I sent the PM out, so if you didn't get a PM, I'm sorry you didn't win the key :( I wish I had a ton of keys to giveaway but I've only got one.

Once the key is given out I'll request the thread to be closed :)

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I hope it's ok, but D!ABOL!C was the WINNAR! for the key :)

I may, repeat MAY get another key for Beat Hazard towards the end of this month. If I do I'll post up in this thread again :)

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