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Despite all the rumors of Apple discontinuing Safari for Windows, the web browser market is still on fire. New versions and updates are being released almost on a weekly basis. In fact, with so many options available - it would be nice to know which one is the fastest. Unfortunately, it's been a while since someone came up with a performance roundup. So we spent the last couple of days benchmarking the most popular web browsers and even some of less popular ones (a total of 13 in number). Is Google Chrome still on top? Read on to find out.

Link: http://www.ngohq.com...-q3-2012-a.html

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A benchmark which benchmarks browsers using other rendering engines, and only focuses on the most popular JS benchs. Useless...

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Now which one of these test things like WebGL / WebM technologies. This benchmark is skewed towards browsers like Firefox.

Isn't Firefox on version 15 now?

Why test Palemoon 12? It is just a build of Firefox 12 with various CPU extensions enabled.

I think http://www.arewefastyet.com/ is more reliable for benchmarks of JS. Too bad they only compare to Chrome.

IE9 JS engine has been tweaked for sunspider - these results do not show this. I would question the validity of this.

AFAIK Maxthon uses Chrome engine thus the results are very similar.

They did not test browsers on IE9/10 benchmarks. Very sad. Those IE9/10 benchmarks Microsoft put out seem like a good test for browser HTML5 gaming performance.

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