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Windows 8 Rename Network

Go to solution Solved by BudMan,



In Windows 7 you could do it but the option seems to be hidden or gone in Windows 8.

In Windows 7 you opened "Network and Sharing Center" and then clicked the icon, here it would then let you change the name and icon. - The icon is gone in Windows 8.

*Please note I'm trying to rename the network itselt, not the network connection / adapter.

At the moment it is listed as "Network 3" which isn't particularly helpful for identifying the network. - Windows 7 on the same network seems to identify it by the router name.

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Hi there, same problem here and i found out the solution :)


Hit Winkey + R to open Run prompt and type gpedit.msc

Navigate to: Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security Setting | Network List Manager Policies


Choose your Network name from the right pane. Here you can change the NAME, if is PRIVATE or not, The ICON of the network and so on :)

Best trick! Thanks for the hint, very useful!

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