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Swedish Mom Not Dead Yet

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Hum    6,930

A family in southern Sweden was ?deeply concerned? after receiving letters from local authorities about their elderly mother, who had mistakenly been reported dead.

The woman was reported dead by authorities in the town of Bor?s, who later admitted to the mix-up with the elderly woman?s details.

But this wasn?t admitted until after the family received letters explaining that the woman?s house had to be cleared out within two weeks, and another provided information about changes at the elderly home.

?This hit us hard. We have been deeply concerned about it. Many thoughts going through our heads, we?ve been lying awake at night thinking about it,? said the woman?s son to the local Bor?s Tidning (BT) newspaper.

?Luckily, my sister takes care of mother?s accounts, so the letter went to the billing address. The letter didn't go to mother, which was a real stroke of luck. I don?t dare to imagine the consequences had that happened.?

Administration manager Lars Nordin described the situation as ?horrible and unfortunate?.

?We have to solve this so the woman can feel safe. There has been some mistake when the town reported the personal identity number (personnummer) and the apartment number to us. We?re working on finding out why we were given the wrong information,? he told the paper.

Meanwhile, the woman?s son is putting the news behind him:

?What has happened has happened and you have to hope that procedures will be made that prevent a it from happening again,? the woman?s son told the paper.


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Growled    3,880

It happens. I bet it's upsetting for the family, though.

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moloko    185

That is a crappy letter to get. Disconcerting at best. Everyone move on after a week or so of gossip.

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