The Government and atmospheric manipulations

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While OAK recognizes that weather modification, in general, is occurring through the funding of

private enterprises, NOAA does not support research that entails efforts to modify hurricanes.

NOAA, and its predecessor agency, once supported and conducted research into hurricane

modification through Project STORMFURY from 1962 to 1983. Project STORMFURY was

discontinued as the result of: I) inconclusive scientific results, and 2) the inability to separate

the difference between what happens when a hurricane is modified by human intervention versus

a hurricane's natural behavior. Since Project STORMFURY's end 26 years ago, NOAA

scientists have gained substantial insight on the complicated and interconnected processes within

the overall hurricane environment. Yet, it remains unclear if enough knowledge has been gained

to make any new modification attempts practicable.

THE UN has a 1976 Weather Weapon treaty Source

other articles etc.. yet more

Reuters report


another source about chemtrails (NewScientist article)

The latest study follows a similar Carnegie Institution for Science proposal which also advocated spraying the upper atmosphere with aerosols, a process that would ?reduce by 20 per cent the amount of sunlight that takes a direct route to the ground? and make blue skies ?fade to hazy white

Our government has had the ability to manipulate and steer hurricanes through manipulation for some time as stated in the above quote. We best leave nature alone.

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Somehow I believe this article will end up in Conspiracy. I'm read several stories about this and I still don't know if I believe it or not.

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Storm Seeding is nothing new, and been going on for decades.. In fact during the Beijing Olympics, China Did/attempted to do it around the capital.

That said, the actual result is somewhat questionable.. Does it work on a small scale, with a thunder storm, ya..

But on a Hurricane, to actually change it's course and such, not in any way it's been attempted before.. It would take a fleet of bombers all fit out to seed working for days to have a measurable effect.

I know why they want to do it, to lessen storms, but the fact is hurricanes and such are natures way correcting an imbalance.. If you stop it ahead of time, nature is just going to either try again, or tack it on to the next storm.

Simple fact is, we don't have enough of an understanding of how this stuff works.. And because you need to Seed when the storm is developing, it's hard to get science, because the places it will hit early on are all so paranoid you are using it as a weapon, that it's a political/pr nightmare..

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Simple fact is, we don't have enough of an understanding of how this stuff works..


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why cant we just use paintballs to divert the course of hurricanes?? ;)

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