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joke You hear me?

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Fenix: Hey *******.

Fenix: Hey nerdmeat, I?m talking to you.

Fenix: Nice glasses.

Fenix: I said NICE GLASSES dick.

Fenix: What?s your ****ing problem?

Fenix: You want to eat **** and die or something?

Fenix: Too good for me? Is that it?

Fenix: With your non-giant non-hulking fashionable and branded exo-suit?

Fenix: You ****ing eggheads are all the same, you know that?

Fenix: Do you?

Fenix: I might just put this chainsaw through your head, what do you think about that?

Fenix: HUH?!

Fenix: Answer me!

Fenix: ANSWER ME mysterious man!


Fenix: What the hell is going on?

Fenix: Am I going insane? Has the world gone mad?

Fenix: All I want is for you to eat **** and die and you won?t even say one word!

Fenix: Listen **** face, I?m going to take off my battle armor and then ? unless you say otherwise ? I?m going to make love to you right here right now. You got that *******?


Fenix: ?

Fenix: ?

Fenix: Goddamnit.

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Sorry, but you just wasted a few moments of your life that you will never get back. And you've wasted some of my time too!

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There's no context to this. Who is Fenix? Is this someone that took offence to something you said and then tried to IM you?

Without some kind of background this is just a monologue of abuse, not a joke...

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