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Cracker Jack

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The popular popcorn snack Cracker Jacks is getting a new ingredient ? and it?s not something you would expect.

The nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) reported that Frito-Lay, the manufacturer of Cracker Jacks, will soon introduce a new version of its snack called Cracker Jack?d ? which will have added caffeine. According to CSPI, the move violates Food and Drug Administration regulations, and the government needs to take action before other food and beverage manufacturers create similar products.

Michael F. Jacobson, CSPI executive director, has written a letter to the FDA?s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition in an attempt to alert the agency about Cracker Jack?d, MiO Energy ? Kraft?s caffeinated ?water enhancer,? and the caffeinated ?Extreme Sports Beans? made by the Jelly Belly Candy Company.

Up to 0.02 percent of caffeine in cola beverages is considered safe by the FDA. The CSPI maintained a lack of regulations for other products makes the use of caffeine in them illegal.

?Unless the FDA begins enforcing its regulations, I fear that we?ll see caffeine being added to ever-more improbable drinks and snacks, putting children, unsuspecting pregnant women, and others at risk,? Jacobson said. ?How soon before we have caffeinated burgers, burritos, or breakfast cereals??


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I guess the sugar in there ain't causing enough damage , so now they have to add caffeine.

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