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Homeless children who have been sleeping rough with their families at the empty OC Centre in Eagleby have asked for basics such as glasses and shoes this Christmas.

For children who do not have a stable home, getting a bed of their own or a pair of glasses so they can read is far more important than a doll or a computer game.

Beenleigh community worker June Hintz said reading the Christmas wish lists of children whose families were or have been homeless made her cry.

For one 10-year-old girl, a water bottle was at the top of her list followed by a pair of pink shoes and clothes.

A Bible, a skipping rope and a Mars bar were what another little girl wanted while one small boy simply wished for his family to be together and a teddy bear for his little sister.

For one nine-year-old who often sleeps with his family in their car, a new pair of shoes was on his list, along with a Christmas card, happiness, joyfulness and food.

One teenage girl asked for new underwear, clothes and a friend. :cry: She also wanted to see her sister more and asked for her dad to stop drinking.

A 16-year-old asked for a pair of work boots so he could get a job.

Ms Hintz said one boy asked for Santa, not a toy Santa, but the real Santa.

"He believes if he could get the real Santa then everything would be fixed in his life," she said.

The same boy also asked for some pork chops and a home.

Ms Hintz said more than 300 letters were collected from children in the area last year and she was still collecting Santa letters this year.

She said the Loganlea Rotary Club had taken 65 letters to find presents for the children while ELP & Muddy Boots had taken 50.

"Not all (the letters) are from kids who are homeless, but from kids who are not going to have a really good Christmas," she said.

e-mail help to enquiries@mad.org.au.


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That certainly puts things in perspective. They want things that many of us take for granted. I hope they have their best Christmas ever.

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Yes it does. I relate to their perspective having been homeless as kid and even became an orphan in first year of highschool.

I wish the best for them.

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God bless them, and a better life for them in the coming years.

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