I'd like to add some new rap artists to my music library

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Of the current batch of rappers out there I only really like Tyler The Creator and his Odd Future Collective, seem to be the only ones actually trying different things, all others are the same played out stuff I've been hearing since the 80's

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Can't go wrong with any artist on the Rhymesayers label.


The Grouch






Brother Ali

Aesop Rock

Lupe Fiasco

Rizzle Kicks

Or you can just run straight at Die Antwoord for your freaky side :p


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So by your logic DMX is to be compared to Lil wayne, drake and all that crap? Sure thing :) I think we got different opinions on that.

Even Undisputed (The worst DMX album by far) goes harder than anything Drake-kinda artists got out.

As far as I see there are only a few real mainstream/underground (Don't know how to explain it in English, somehwere between those two) artists left on the scene that could pull something off that I'd really like, one of them is DMX the other one being Ice cube. Just need to wait what comes out of Everythings Corrupt album and as far as I know DMX's new album in 2013 should be something he did in his prime.

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