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Vista: Looking for a way to create shortcuts to specific Explorer folders (say, E:\Downloads), to put in a folder stored on quicklaunch bar, THAT will open the Explorer folder in a NEW / SEPARATE window.

Just open specific FOLDERS, not open entire Explorer.

Keep a folder (call it Utilities) on my quicklaunch w/ shortcuts of often used apps. Now, it's path is: C:\Users\Name\Desktop\Utilities. Of course, all apps shortcuts that are double clicked open in their own window, leaving the original "Utilities" folder intact.

The problem I can't find a way around is, no matter how I create shortcuts to specific Explorer folders, place them in the "Utilities" quicklaunch folder, when double click the Explorer folders shortcuts, it redirects the original Utilities folder window (that shows all my other utilities / apps shortcuts) to the Explorer folder window. Yes, I can hit the back button to get back to original Utilities folder, but that's not what I want.

I know it's has to do w/ a folder in Explorer not being a separate app. But there must be a way to create these Explorer folder shortcuts so they'll open in a separate window when double clicked.

If I R click the Explorer folders shortcuts & choose "Open file location," then it DOES open them in a separate window, leaving the original "Utilities" folder as it was, instead of redirecting it to the specific Explorer folder.


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Have you tried creating a shortcut which uses "c:\windows\explorer.exe E:\Downloads" as the target? That seems to launch a new instance of Windows File Explorer with the targeted directory.


Aryeh Goretsky

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You nailed it. I figured it required some command or option to be added after an initial shortcut target.

Only thing I found (just so it's clear to others) is, though shortcuts for apps usually have quotes around the Target path, using quotes around the target for this (Explorer) doesn't work.

If use the quotes, like "C:\Windows\explorer.exe E:\DOWNLOADS" - it gives an error ~ that the target doesn't exist. But leaving the quotes off in this case, works fine & the target shortcut opens in a new window.

Thanks. I'd add a positive feedback, except I don't click on links related to "facepage" or "tweet book." :)

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