Video auto focus not working on Nikon 3100

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Elliot B.

It's in Auto mode, but it doesn't work in M mode either.

It works in photo mode, just not when recording videos.

The lens is on A and VR is set to ON.

Any ideas?

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Draconian Guppy

From a quick google search.

If you have changed the Autofocus area from AF-A to AF-S or C that could be the problem.

Can you manually override focus ( eg. try focusing with your hands? this so we can discard the lens is malfunctioning)

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Elliot B.

Pressing the AF button does nothing. Half-pressing the shutter focuses but I can't keep doing that.

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Draconian Guppy

Press the <i> button and navigate to the <m> in the column on the right and change it to <af-s> or <af-c> or <af-a>

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Elliot B.

Press the <i> button and navigate to the <m> in the column on the right and change it to <af-s> or <af-c> or <af-a>

When I press "i", I get: AF-S, AF-M or MF.

It's currently set to AF-S.

EDIT: AF-F works. Cheers for the assistance :)

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