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Hi, I'm doing a bit of research before I delve into coding. The problem I have is that I want to retrieve data from a sql database (a single record at a time) and want to display the data on an asp.net webpage. I know I can use either a detailsview or a formview, the way I want to display the data is by using multiple controls, textboxs and a gridview.

What's the best method for the below screenshot.

Thanks for your help.


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first of all get one record at a time? that's not a very good practice. you better think of another strategy for that. another thing as you don't have that many fields. you can go with a formview as it will provide more customization than detailview as for my understanding of both components and also based on what you want to implement.

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What I'm trying to achieve is display data in an invoice format so one record will be displayed at a time. I won't be querying the database each time the next button is clicked rather a SQL adapter will be used for all SQL stuff.

I'll give formview a go.


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