Neowin Monthly Photography Challenge [March 2013: Old and New]

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OK, entries are now closed for this month, there have been 2 suitable entries for this month's theme. These will be posted in a voting thread now, if your photo is not there, please review the submission rules since the most likely reason that they weren't suitable is that they were not taken within the specified time frame.

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OK, entries are now closed for this month, there have been 2 suitable entries for this month's theme. These will be posted in a voting thread now, if your photo is not there, please review the submission rules since the most likely reason that they weren't suitable is that they were not taken within the specified time frame.

Wheres the voting thread? :)

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What's the theme for April?

Edit: Looking at the poll results, I'd guess Pets: Double?

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What's the theme for April?

Edit: Looking at the poll results, I'd guess Pets: Double?

I'll wait for confirmation from Guppy, but once I have it then the theme will be updated and April will begin. The theme won't start until 1 April though so hold your horses! :p

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Draconian Guppy

Well, since chase is the organizer you chose from the following:

1. Pets

2. black and white

3. Jobs

Sorry Easter break so I was 'disconnected'

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      Although the August contest generated a lot of interest, it resulted in only three submissions. Long time reader, warwagon, won the prize with the above photograph of an Xbox controller with interesting lighting from lamps in his room. Check out the poll results thread to see his explanation of how he created the picture.

      The number one thing to keep in mind is that the contest should be used as motivation to go out and use your camera, not to go through old photos that you've taken. In the past, we've had people submit old photos, so be sure the photo you submit was taken this month! The main rules to keep in mind are:

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      Forum link: Here

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      An interesting fact is that Siri only managed 14th place for the Loebner Prize after it was unofficially entered in the competition by a person back in 2013.

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