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Anybody using HelloBar? Problem in IE with images exposing alt or title tag



I am having an odd problem with Hellobar.

I have tested this in Opera, Safari and Firefox and they all display fine except for Internet Explorer...I am seeing this problem with both IE8 and IE9

Here is the site: www.kleenkuip.com P.S. Make sure your speakers aren't cranked up, there is a spokesperson.

If you notice the green HelloBar at the top there are images on the very right side and very left side. They are exposing the alt or title tags for the images and pushing the alt text below the graphic...it looks really ugly and messes up the look of the site.

Any suggestions?


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For some reason, I don't want to click that link.

What is Hellobar? Sounds like some dodgy toolbar to me.

EDIT: OK, seems like it's safe to remove my tinfoil hat. :blush:

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Why not do a redesign for the website. It's really bad and takes me back to the 90s!

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