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https youtube video links won't embed

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torrentthief    313

pasting a youtube video link embeds it it you use http:// but not with https:// which is very annoying as youtube runs in https:// for me. I'm lucky that i tried to edit it last time i posted a youtube link, the previous time i didn't and just left it as a hyperlink as i though i was using the wrong button in your forum software.

btw, you can also vote your own threads in these forums 5 stars! Please fix this too! I voted this thread 5 stars to prove my point :p

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Brandon H    2,095

for embeding youtube links it's always a good idea to grab the link from the share tab under the video. that way you know you're getting a working link

(also the https not embeding is an IPB issue not one that neowin can fix on their own as far as I'm aware)

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