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For years, Lucy Millsap kept her hidden talent as a catfish noodler to herself.

?I went through my entire high school career and no one ever knew,? the 19-year-old Texan told The Oklahoman.

But these days Millsap is anything but secretive about her passion, which entails wading through rivers and lakes and wrestling monstrous catfish from their cavernous dens?bare-handed.

Millsap is a calendar girl for the Bare Knuckle Babes (Miss May 2014), and on Saturday she served the Babes proudly by wrestling a 72-pound flathead catfish onto the banks of Oklahoma?s Lake Texoma.

By doing so she emerged victorious in the prestigious Okie Noodling Tournament, having caught the largest catfish in the event?s 14-year history.

Millsap beat a field of about 200 participants, mostly men, including her father, Jimmy, who finished second with a 67.4-pound catfish.

Said Lucy: ?Women don?t think they can do a lot of stuff. And you get a lot of trash talk from the guys. I?m proud to justify the name ?Bare Knuckle Babes.??

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she can wrestle me from my Cavernous den if she wants lol

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Texas sure knows how to grow women right. :)

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