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Two New Jersey seniors may soon find themselves in court over ... unauthorized bird-feeding.


Alfred and Annette Rockefeller, 77 and 66, have received a summons to appear in court tomorrow over a feeder in their garden that has prompted complaints from neighbors; officials say it violates local rules.


Feeding wildlife is generally banned, though enclosed, hanging feeders are allowed, the Record reports. The one in question is made of wire in the shape of a wreath and contains peanuts (see it here). A local official says birds don't eat peanuts, Alfred notes; the president of the local Audubon Society disagrees.

The Rockefellers bought it after they were told they couldn't spread birdseed on the ground.


Alfred is disabled and can rarely leave the house; the feeder is "one of few things I get pleasure out of," he says.


But neighbors were upset when it attracted other animals like deer and squirrels, who "decimated" pricey plants, says the official.


The Rockefellers received several warnings and rejected an offer of mediation with neighbors, the police chief says.


They now face a fine of up to $500. But "to me it's like, what's going to be next?" says Annette. "I'm going to be walking around my yard in shorts and be told I'm ugly and bringing down property values." :s


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What they have is not a bird feeder. Birds don't eat peanuts.

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^ Why not ? Birds eat all kind of seeds.  Peanuts are good protein too.




Peanuts are a favorite food for many birds, and they?re a fast, easy option for backyard birders to refill feeders.


About Peanuts


Also called groundnuts, pig nuts and monkey nuts,  :huh:  peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) really aren?t nuts at all. They?re actually a legume in the bean family, and they are a rich source of protein, oil and other nutrition for many backyard birds.


No matter what types of peanuts or peanut products you feed your backyard birds, you?re actually offering them a very nutritional treat.


Birds That Eat Peanuts


While the very smallest birds will not eat peanuts, many different species will give these nutritious nuts a try, including:

  • Towhees


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rather stupid that they are trying to make a huge deal out of this when all they should really have to do is replace it with a proper bird feeder.

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