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Estimated figure still falls short of analyst expectations
Samsung has published its estimated Q2 2013 profits and sales figures, showing record-high operating profits of 9.5 trillion Korean won ($8.3 billion), an increase of 47 percent year-on-year. Second-quarter sales were estimated at 57 trillion won ($49.9 billion). The estimates come ahead of the publication Samsung's full Q2 results on July 26.
However both figures fell short of analysts' expectations, according to a report from Reuters. Averages from 43 polled analysts produced forecasts of 10.16 trillion won in operating profits and 58.7 trillion won in sales.
Samsung's strong Q2 follows the global launch of the Galaxy S4, which co-CEO JK Shin recently revealed has shipped 20 million units worldwide.




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Samsung is the next Apple. They seem to have already stagnated in terms of design and material quality. They need to innovate fast.

This is such a crucial time for these companies but since they are riding high on success, they get complacent.

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With Apple moving away from Samsung as a supplier the big question is how much of an impact will it have on the bottom line of Samsung then combine it also with the rise of such players as ZTE and Huawei who are quickly gaining marketshare as their cheaper devices become more feature rich.

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