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128MB Ram

P3 450mhz

Voodoo 3000 16MB

Labtec Speakers w/ Subwoofer

17" Relisys Monitor

Logitech Optical Mouse

Wireless Logitech Keyboard

Microsoft 98SE

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Elliot B.

man4theladys: Fast? HA! I have a very similar system (specs in signature), and find it VERY slow indeed. Hmm... I s'pose it depends on what you use it for. I do quite a lot of gaming (FPS) myself and am fed up of running at 800x600x16 bit just to get 45 fps avg! Most gaming sites say that if you can't get a 60 fps avg, then there's something wrong. What are you using your PC for mate?

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I use my rig for mainly gaming, I get a high of 150FPS and a low of 40 - 60, as compared to my friends Geforce 2 MX and 1 gig system I can see no difference in speed, although his graphics are a bit smoother.

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intel 815e chipset

PIII 866 mhz, 133mhz fsb

ati all-in wonder pro 128 16MB pci

12x dvd drive

8x4x32 cd-rw

1x 20gb 5400 rpm hd ata 100

1x 13gb 5400 rpm hd ata 66

512mb pc133 sdram

windows xp pro 2600 corp ed.

linksys 10/100 fast ethernet card

kingston 10/100 lan card.

lucent 56k sound modem

sound blaster 64 pci(for some reason it doesnt have a game port)

ms intellimouse explorer

kodak dvc323 digital usb camera

4 port linksys hub

17" philips monitor (107s)

ms explorer keyboard pro

a dust infested floppy drive

stickers pealing off the side of the case

a barely working crackling microphone

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Elliot B.

150 fps? Um, can your monitor actually HANDLE that much :)

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Why wouldnt it? It doesnt stay there for more than a second anyway. My avergae would be say 80. Maybe I am getting better fps because i have tweaked my computer a hundred times over?

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Elliot B.

If you have ICQ, please contact me. If not, could you email me some tweak information? 40 fps avg. is ****ing me off :)

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Dell Dimension 8100

Pentium 4 1.3Ghz

256Mb RAM

20Gb Maxtor HDD

15Gb Maxtor HDD

CreativeLabs Sound Blaster Live! Value

GeForce2 MX

5x DVD




Dell Latitude

Pentium 3 1Ghz

256Mb RAM




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