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Teens Record Clever Instagram Video to Return Lost Cell Phone

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Ever found someone's lost smartphone and tried to return it? The owner is probably stressed about losing all those precious photos, videos, and texts ? not to mention losing the expensive phone itself. How did you contact the person to return it? Call "Mom" in the contacts list? That's soooo last century and, let's face it, lacking creative spirit.

Enter three skateboarding teens, an Instagram account, and a blog. Sebastian Schallenberg, Ryan Benjamin, and Jake Besner from Waterloo, Ontario, were skating when they found a lost phone,belonging to a friend of cyclist Kim Ho, after it fell out of her bike bag on the road. They picked it up and promptly headed to a skate park, shot an Instagram video using the owner's account, and told him to call the phone.

Later, Kim and her friend called the phone and the boys returned it. End of story. Except that Kim then blogged about the happy experience and the tale was later picked up by other news outlets.

Kind of restores your faith in humanity. But what do you expect from Canadians? They are so friendly #Instagood.

source & video

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