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Alcatel shows off One Touch Idol Alpha's 4.7-inch display and light-up

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Okay, so we wouldn't go so far as suggesting that Alcatel One Touch's Idol Alpha handset "takes creativity to a new level," but hey, the company's allowed to employ a little hyperbole in its press releases. That particular statement refers to the 4.7-inch handset's translucent edges, which give off light to signify things like charging and notifications. The company's also pretty psyched about the curves on the thing. "You will be attracted from the first glance of the device with its unique and sleek design which stands out from the market," according to Alcatel.
The above image likely doesn't do the curvy 7.5 millimeter thick aluminum-framed body justice (nor does it speak to the quad-core 1.2GHz processor inside), so we're holding off such attraction until we actually see one in person. Thankfully, we're already here in Berlin for IFA, so we should be doing just that in the not too distant future.




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