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Teen Returns Money His Father Allegedly Stole

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Our story today has a bad beginning with a surprisingly good ending. Recently, Tona Herndon was grieving the loss of her husband of more than 60 years at his gravesite in Bethany, Oklahoma. Herndon's husband had died the week before the visit. While at the cemetery, she was allegedly mugged by Shane Lunsford. After a search by police, a surveillance video helped put 39-year-old Lunsford behind bars.

Now, that could have been the end of the story, but there's more. Lunsford's 15-year-old son, Christian, asked to meet Herndon this past Sunday in a church parking lot to try to make amends. Christian apologized to Herndon and gave her $250 in cash that his father had recently given him for a band trip. Christian said he was not surprised to hear of his father's behavior and added, "When I found out this whole situation, I didn't know if it was hers or his or how ? I just knew I needed to give the money to her."

But instead of keeping the cash from Christian, Herndon handed it right back to him. She said, "He gave and I received, and I gave and he received, so it worked out." Christian says he plans to use the money for that trip. It seems sometimes the apple falls very far from the tree.
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Good for the kid and good for the woman. A very nice story. 

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