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A 32-year-old woman has been arrested in Turin for allegedly blackmailing an elderly priest out of ?350,000, after he put an end to their affair.

 She was arrested after the retired priest went to the police out of desperation, saying that she had taken all of his money, La Repubblica said on Monday.

The pair reportedly started a relationship in 2009, although after two years the priest put an end to the affair. She then began threatening the priest, telling him that she would expose him with photographs and video footage of their liaisons, the newspaper said.

She was in fact bluffing, yet the fearful priest handed over ?350,000 in bank transfers and cash.

Once bankrupt the priest appealed to the police. ?You must help me, I want to get out of this situation,? he said, reported in La Repubblica.

The police convinced the priest to contact his nemesis, away in Romania, and ask her to return to Turin to see him. As soon as she was back in Italy, she was arrested and charged with extortion.


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      Iliad Group has worked with Nokia in France since 2012 and in Italy since 2018. Nokia’s technology has helped Iliad Group to deliver both 3G and 4G connectivity to its customers. This agreement will allow the networks to be modernised and will see 5G connectivity added.