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Bing reveals new "modern" logo.

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Dot Matrix    7,115

Today, Bing revealed its new logo, designed to fit into today's Microsoft logo scheme of rough edges and a slight perspective design.




With principles and frameworks in hand, we looked at the art. We revisited the current logo and diagnosed what wasn?t working. We looked at the new Microsoft identity and we did hundreds of studies to look at motion, font, color, size and form. We built out mock ads, localized product examples for China and fictitious billboards to see what was working. From simple evolutions to ridiculous explorations, we learned something in each one.

In the end, our new logo was created to be simple, real and direct.


The wordmark is a customized version of our corporate font Segoe. We retained the lowercase ?b? in tribute to our Bing logo heritage and to provide a slightly less obtrusive stance. The descender on the ?g? has been slightly modified to curve upward in a friendlier manner and the cut on the top of the ?b? mirrors the angle on the cut of the ?t? in our Microsoft logo. The kerning pairs of the ?i? and the ?n? are exactly the same as the ?i? and the ?n? in the Windows wordmark. The symbol, a stylized ?b?, evokes a sense of movement, direction and energy. The color loosely pays tribute to the orange dot from the previous Bing logo while also fully embracing the Microsoft color palette and taking inspiration from one quadrant of the corporate flag logo.



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articuno1au    1,264



All the sadness.. It makes me happy >: D

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