Unlocking the Xperia Z1 bootloader will screw up your camera, warns Sony

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Sony bootloader unlock site warns of camera woes for those who unlock the new handset
If you've just picked up a shiny new Sony Xperia Z1 and want to get hacking away at the device, you may want to hold off for awhile. A new message on the Sony Mobile bootloader unlock site warns that ?
"Warning! At the moment, unlocking the Xperia? Z1 boot loader will stop the camera functionality."
So presumably if you go ahead with the unlock process, that fancy 20.7-megapixel Exmor RS camera will turn into a pumpkin. It's likely this is a temporary glitch ? and given Sony's track record with allowing devices to be unlocked we'd expect a fix to arrive in due course. Nevertheless, if you want to actually take photos on your Z1 it seems you'll need to keep your hands off the bootloader for now.
We've got an email out to Sony, and we'll update this post with any further info they provide.



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