Making A CD Cover Suggestions


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OK, I don't have nero cover designer, or photoshop, office, or any fancy design progs, But I do have W7 Ultimate and a cannon printer,


I have cds, slim cases and a title list and a front cover image.


What do you use for such a task,


Step by step simple instructions. or easy tutorials is what I'm thinking,


All suggestions considered....



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OK, I don't have ... office

Try LibreOffice Draw, or Writer.


Draw and scale (using dimensions) a rectangle/square to suit (you could use an existing jewel case insert to get dimensions from). Insert images/text. Print, and cut out with a (sharp) stanley knife and ruler. You may have to crop images to match the cover's ratio.


You could also tryout these free OpenOffice templates (through LibreOffice): I'd personally recommend the ones with the CC Attribute license.


Edit (after doing a simple Google search):






Note: I haven't confirmed the sizes above are correct.

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