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Captain Phillips

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DirtyLarry    2,073
Captain (F'ing) Phillips.
Excuse my french however this movie is very much deserving of the emphasis on badassery.
For those who do not like to read... Simply put, Captain Phillips is another incredibly movie in what seems to be one of the better years for movies I can recall in quite some time.
Now, for those who do not mind taking several minutes to get more in depth...
Happy to say this is the second weekend in a row where Hollywood has absolutely delivered.
Although there are very different methods of execution between the two movies I have no issue saying Captain Phillips (CP from this point forward) is ultimately just as good as Gravity.
Both movies respectively achieve the same end results...
Incredibly tense atmospheres that are uncomfortable to watch yet keep the viewer needing to know exactly what is going to happen next. Especially CP which is easily the epitome of edge-of-your-seat thriller.
Ultimately both movies rely solely on the humans who are in the situation instead of just the amazing circumstances of the situation itself.
It is this human element that makes both movies so damn good.
The only real difference between the two movies is CP does not do anything new from a cinematic standpoint like Gravity does. It is pretty much by the books in how it presents its story. It just so happens the book CP utilizes could very well be the definitive go-to guide for perfect movie-making. Also let's face it, It also does not hurt things that Tom Hanks is as good in CP as he has ever been.
Perhaps the most interesting thing about CP is I knew the outcome since it is based on a true story, yet that did not detract from the movie at all. I still needed to see how they arrived at the outcome itself.
A lot of cinephiles and wannabe cinephiles, myself no doubt included, like to complain about Hollywood's lack of originality and only seeming capable of releasing remakes or sequels.
I can fully admit when I have proven wrong. This year, whether it is actually the case or just my own take on things, feels as if it has been a particularly good year for original movies overall. Especially as of late.
Thought it was that good.
Rotten Tomatoes Page (currently a 94% for both critics and audience)

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I love the movie very much. I won't mind giving it 10/10 rating as per my view. It is throughly entertaining.

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Daedroth    419

I saw this film on Friday in IMAX, and I very much enjoyed was gripping and one of the best films I've seen for a long time. 9/10.

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