Post your Windows 8.1 Start screen!

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Microsoft has started a competition that only U.S. residents can enter, you could win a $10 Windows Store card over the next few days.


We think it's a bit unfair to limit it within U.S. borders, so over the next few days Neowin will be selecting winners for their Windows 8.1 Start screen. Each day a random staff member will select a Start screen they think is cool.


If selected, you'll win a Tier 2 subscription for a year worth $28 USD.


Good luck!


*If you aren't registered on Neowin. Register a free account here with Facebook, Twitter or Windows Live login.. Or you can create an account the old fashioned way here on Neowin.




18 October: Relativity_17 chosen by The _Decrypter

19 October: spencer.d chosen by Charisma

20 October: FaiKee chosen by Neobond

21 October: Sszecret chosen by Denis W

22 October: InsaneNutter chosen by Marshall

23 October: jesseinsf chosen by cooky560

24 October: beanboy89 chosen by jeston


The competition has ended, but leaving this topic open for people who want to add their Start screens. From time to time I may come back in here and giveaway a Subscription for the lulz :P

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Oh wait, this is for US users only. Oh well still a good thread to post our start screens. :)

Nope. Neowin doesn't believe in borders for a digital gift, anyone anywhere can enter. ;)
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are those with a sub still eligible to enter? if so i'll post a screen shot when i get off work tonight :)

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Mine after 5 minutes of tweaking the start screen on my AMD machine. Yeah, I've got the taskbar on my start screen and yes it's fully functional. ;)


EDIT: Did a few more minutes of tweaking.



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This is my current start screen since installing 8.1 a month ago.


This was my 8.1 preview start screen, it was a lot of effort customising the desktop icons and they didn't sync between devices (:() so i'm not sure if i'm going to do that yet in the RTM build.



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