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Microsoft Remote Desktop for iOS and Android

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Microsoft releases Remote Desktop for iOS and Android


Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android


Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for iOS



The background story:


Microsoft watches iPads flood into world's offices: Right, remote desktop clients. It's time


Microsoft will release its own apps to manage all the iOS and Android devices that are flooding into organisations as part of the


Bring Your Own Device trend. They will be available for download from app stores later this month.


The official Remote Desktop (RDP) clients were announced on Monday along with a new RDP client for Mac OS X.


The iOS and Android clients are completely new and the Mac client has been given a complete overhaul.


There is already an abundance of third-party Windows RDP clients in the Apple and Google app stores, but the iOS and


Android RDP clients announced Monday are the first code to come from Microsoft itself.


It's part of a move from Microsoft to broaden support for BYOD using a suite of tools for managing services, PCs and devices in the Windows Server 2012 R2 and Systems Center 2012 R2. The pair of R2s are due on 18 October. You can see why Redmond has made this move; customers would otherwise need to seek management software or utilities from its rivals.


The new clients support RemoteApp, which lets you run an individual application remotely, as well as a full remote desktop. This means you can have the odd experience of seeing apps like Excel and Internet Explorer 11 running on an iPad or Android tablet. :laugh:




Microsoft holds nose, slips WINDOWS into Android, iOS things


Microsoft may not yet be keen for its Office suite to run on rival vendors' mobile devices, but has made good on its promise to make Windows accessible on Android and iOS devices.


As we flagged last week, that promise was to release native RDP clients for Android and iOS. Both have now landed. Here's the iOS version. The Android version lies behind this link.


Microsoft seems to be aiming the new apps at end-users, with the blurbs on both app stores suggesting ?you can connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere ... to help you get your work done wherever you are.? There's no suggestion of remote administration, so we're going to presume the work Redmond has in mind is whatever else one might wish to do to or with a Windows computer. Microsoft thinks using Modern Apps is one of those things, as it is making much of the new apps' ability to convey Windows 8.x's gestures to a remote PC.

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riahc3    440


And the app really blows. I use Teamviewer over it any day of the week...

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