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Mailman saves family's burning home, continues route

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Hum    6,928

DETROIT (WJBK) -- He won't admit it but one Detroit neighborhood mailman is a hero now. "I wouldn't say a hero," Darrian Crutcher says, hoping to set the record straight. But others see it differently.

Tuesday morning Detroit firefighters responded to a house fire on Stansbury Street. When they arrived they found Crutcher upstairs putting the fire out with the home's garden hose.

The homeowner, Carolyn Patterson, lit incense and that's believed to have started the fire.

"It was a blessing for me to be at that spot at that particular time," Crutcher says. His quick thinking saved Patterson's home and, possibly, her life.

"It really was burning," Patterson tells Fox 2's Randy Wimbley.

Crutcher tells us he got the hose from the side of the house, took it inside and hooked it up there and began to fight the fire.

"He was spraying [the fire] down and everything and knocked [the fire] down quite a bit," Patterson says.  "I think this room probably would've burned up. I really do," she continues.

Firefighters applaud Crutcher's job. "He did great! I asked him after it was over, I said, 'Hey man, you should come join us! We're hiring right now!'" David Weems of the Detroit Fire Department tells us.

Crutcher stayed on the job until firefighters arrived. When they did he just went back about his business, not even pausing to take a break or get a drink of water.

"I said, 'Ok, they there. The real firemen is here now so I can go ahead and do my job,'" Crutcher says.

"It's great just to see citizens just stopping to do the good - the good of man," Weems says.  

Wimbley asked Crutcher if, at any point, he thought, 'Why am I doing this? This isn't my job.'

Crutcher responded: "No I didn't think that. I just seen a lady in the house and a young kid outside. I just go in and do it. I know if I ... if somebody seen me like that I wish they would do me like that, too."


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Brendeth    178

I love how casually he helped stop a fire and just goes on with his day, not to mention how humble he is being. The man is definitely a hero in my books! 

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Growled    3,880

Definitely a hero. I wish all of us had his attitude about things.

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Marshall    15,352

He was just going by the mailman motto - "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." I know, "heat" pertains to climate, but nonetheless.


Quite admirable what this man did, I tip my hat to him.

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