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Two Gonzaga University students are on indefinite probation for pulling out a gun when an intruder allegedly tried to force his way into their university-owned apartment.

Erik Fagan and Dan McIntosh were notified Sunday in a letter from the Spokane, Wash., university they had been placed on indefinite probation for violating the school's weapons policy Oct. 24 when a six-time felon knocked on their door and allegedly demanded money.

Fagan said he answered the door to their apartment when he confronted John Taylor, a repeat offender who told him he'd just gotten out of jail.

"I just kind of popped up and opened the door and see Mr. Taylor standing there and he starts explaining how he's homeless and needs money," Fagan told ABC News.

Fagan said Taylor tried to barge in and he called out to his roommate for help. McIntosh entered the room and brandished his gun.

"I drew my pointed weapon at him and at which time he sees me and takes off," McIntosh said.

McIntosh, an electrical engineering major, said he and Fagan called police after the incident and Taylor was arrested.

McIntosh has a concealed weapons permit for his gun but campus police confiscated the weapon and told the seniors they had violated school policy and could be suspended or even expelled.

Even though the incident took place off campus, the building that houses the apartment is owned by Gonzaga and school officials say their rules on no weapons is clearly stated.

"The university policy prohibits the possession of weapons in residential facilities. We also have a similar prohibition on the rest of campus," Vice President of Gonzaga Dr. Earl Martin said.

Fagan and McIntosh say they didn't know anything about the policy, but they wouldn't change a thing as they wonder what would have happened to them if they hadn't been armed.

"Because we were just defending ourselves there is no reason that we should be punished for it," Fagan said.

The seniors said they plan to appeal the school's indefinite probation ruling.


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If only they'd let themselves be victims, instead. Then we'd be reading about how two college students got murdered and then robbed after a home intrusion.


On the other hand they wouldn't have to worry about being suspended from school, though.

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Let's ban intruders. ;)

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I hate this stupid rule, but here is the problem and I know it personally, Gonzaga considers its off campus apartments to be part of campus just like the dorm room. This man knew he had no business with a firearm on campus. I know quite a bit about this school as I plan to go to graduate school there.

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