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New Yorkers apparently loved to be scammed

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Torolol    926

Seriously, this the printscreen from New York Times news site:




And the accompanying paragraph:


Meanwhile, outside of Christie?s Rockefeller Center salesroom, Jeff Koons?s 10-foot-tall ?Balloon Dog (Orange)? has become something of a celebrity, as passers-by take turns being photographed with the mirror-polished pooch, posting their images on Twitter and Instagram. The seller, Mr. Brant, hopes to raise $35 million to $55 million, which he says he plans to use to build an endowment for his Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, Conn.


?I think the ?Balloon Dog? is really a symbol like the Trojan horse, something kind of mythic,? Mr. Koons has said.


Auction house experts hope that this season will be mythic, too.


Source: NY Times


This the complete picture of that orange balloon dog:




Those who wish to be rich can also learn how to make the balloon dog:



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the better twin    364

Ha ha ha it fetched $58,4m the most ever for a living artist. Thats art for you though, pretentious, overpriced rubbish. 

Tbh i find most of this art to be poorly done and the art in say... videogames to be far superior. I love looking at some of the concept art in games, its so well done.


At the same auction they sold the most expensive painting ever, the painting by Francis Bacon fetched $142m.

Looks like he just wasnt very good at painting to me tbh.



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CrashGordon    408

It takes slightly more skill to make one in blown glass than it does with party balloons, especially of that size. That being said, you couldn't pay me to own it (kinda like AT&T)  much less me pay to own it. 


Had it been blue or blue/green....maybe for the right price. :P   

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game_over    771

Thats awesome, don't like the colour though.

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