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Robonaut SAR-401

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Robonaut or astrobot? :)


SAR-401: Russian robot controlled by 'magic' gloves to replace astronauts in space


Russia has presented a new robot, which may be delivered to the International Space Station to perform 90 percent of risky operations in open space instead of cosmonauts.

Russian scientists have shown off their humanoid robot called SAR-401 that set to be joining astronauts aboard the International Space Station as early as next year.

SAR-401 was presented at the Gagarin Cosmonauts' Training Centre in Star City Centre, just outside Moscow. Russia?s

robonaut is operated remotely from the ground by a person wearing special gloves.


Russian scientist demonstrated how by putting on a pair of specially designed gloves, he is able to control the robot?s arms and hands, which are based on a human?s and can perform delicate tasks.

The robot can lift up to 10 kilograms on Earth, though it will be able to lift more than that in a zero-gravity environment. It is capable of operating inside or outside the space station.

The robot has been built by Android Technics and the company?s executive director, Vladislav Sychkov, said: "We have completed R&D for the development of the robot?s new key assembly unit, which is a "shoulder" with three degrees of freedom. We?re also working on a new pickup and gripping system. All this is expected to result in the creation of a prototype of a multifunctional space robot."

Oleg Gordiyenko, science directorate deputy head at the Gagarin Cosmonauts' Training Centre Research Institute, said: "It's to perform operations both aboard the ISS and outside. Scientists' plans envision introducing robots in manned cosmonautics. This is a promising avenue of research for coming years."





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