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McDonald?s cash, no it?s not a new game or a promo, it was a mistake made by a McDonald?s drive-thru employee who handed a bag of cash to a customer instead of their food order. It was almost like winning the lottery for a Tennessee couple even if it was only for a few minutes. They were planning to bring the cash back once they opened the bag and saw that their breakfast had turned an appetizing shade of green.

Greg and Stacye Terry placed their usual breakfast order at the McDonald?s drive-thru, but a busy morning rush caused the McDonald?s employee to hand the customers a bag filled with thousands of dollars instead of their breakfast. Someone had placed the cash deposit bag too close to where the drive-thru orders are stacked up to be handed out.

The McDonald?s employee was able to track down the couple at their nearby home. The Terry?s had no intention of keeping the money, they were discussing bringing the money back to McDonald?s the minute they discovered their big bucks for breakfast.

While it wasn?t theirs to keep and the couple knew this, they did have some fun with the mixup. The Terry?s posted photos on Facebook of the two of them with their breakfast money before returning it to the employee who had handed it to them by mistake.

The owner and operator of the McDonald?s restaurant where the money came from issued a statement thanking the Terry family for return of the loot.


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