App For College Basketball Statistics Fans (Ken Pomeroy)

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I don't know how many of your are college basketball fans, but if you are, you've probably heard of Ken Pomeroy and his advanced college basketball statistics -


I had the privilege of being able to work with Ken to make Windows (8.1) and Windows Phone apps to make his data more readily accessible by mobile devices. He already had an iOS app and someone else made an Android app.


Anyway, I just thought some of you might be interested since we're kind of Windows-centric here. The apps are free and there are no ads. But you need a subscription to his data ($19.95/year) to use the apps so it may not be useful for everyone.


Here's the link to the Windows Phone app


and here's the link to the Windows Store app


If any of you have a kenpom account and try out the apps, I'd love any feedback you have on the apps. Thanks!

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