English Premier League Thread

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Since there is a Champions League thread, why not an EPL one.....

What teams do you like, who do you hate, what players you like, those you hate. The season so far, anything and everything about the English Premier League

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Michael Owen Stays...

Man Utd. Win Bollack All...

Liverpool Come 3rd...

Chelsea Come 2nd...

Arsenal Come 1st...

Thats My Vision...

Im A Liverpool Fan

I Hate .. Man Utd and Salif Diao

I Dislike (With A Passion) .. Everton

Fave Players

Harry Kewell - LFC

Damien Duff - Chelsea

Alan Smith - Leeds Utd

Frankie Lampard - Chelsea

Tierry Henry - Arsenal

Robbie Keane - Tottenham H.

Hated Players

Salif Diao (aka. Mr Concede As Many Penalties As I Can) - LFC

V.Nistlerooy (aka. Little Miss Tap In) - Man Utd

Christiano Ronaldo (aka. Who Fell Over!) - Man Utd

Francis Jeffers (aka. Mr Divin ######) - Everton, ex. Arsenal

Roy Keane (aka. Stud's For Clubs) - Man Utd

And thats me in Brief :rolleyes:

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a big time Man Utd fan!! but for a change its gonna be a 3-way battle for the crown! but nothing can be said right now...

fave players

Man U - RVN , OGS , Giggs , Scholes

Arse-nal - Pires

others include , Veron , Kewell , Rooney , Owen and Anelka

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I see I'm not the only one ****ed at Diao. It wasn't just last night, he gives away a ridiculous number of freekicks and penalties. He's crap at right back too, his positioning is awful and Gerrard is left covering too much which wastes his skill. Surely there's someone better to cover when Finnan and Carragher are out? Welsh maybe? Even Ostember?

Oh, there's a topic to this thread... :)

Favourite: Liverpool FC!

Like: Most Liverpool players and Pires, Robbie Keane, Shearer, Duff and a few others

Dislike: RVN, Savage, Roy Keane, Rio Ferdinand, Rooney, probably loads more who I've forgotten.

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I'm a liverpool fan and the player i most hate is:

Emile Heskey; He is the worst player ever for liverpool, I can't understand how he even gets to wear a liverpool or england shirt. He is an utter donkey. So what he's scored a few goals. He is like a fairy when he plays. I seriously hope someone shoots him.

I believe he has photos of houllier and erikksen involved in gay activities, which is the only reason he gets picked for both squads.

oh, and Shearer is (in my opinion) the best ever english striker. Top bloke.

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I don't think that there are any bad feelings towards Beckham. At least not from where I see it.. though I only loosely follow football...

What have we got to hate about him? He is an allround nice guy and he still plays for England (and usually pretty well).

Oh.. and even though I dont support a premier league team, I think Chelski will do it this year :)

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Favorite Team: Man City

Most Hated Team: Man United

Most Hated Player: Nicolas Anelka - Lazy waste of space. Sell him to United and buy more people like Wright-Phillips, please..

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Fav Club - Spurs

Most Hated Club - Liverpool

Most hated Player - Owen

Woo-hoo! Another spurs fan!

I support: Tottenham

Fave Player: Freddy Kanoute (8 goals in 8 games!)

Most Hated Club: Natually I should say Arsenal, but atm its Chelsea

Most Hated Player: Henry

Premiership top 3:



Manchester UTD

I'd like utd to win, but I don't see it somehow...

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Seaman left during the summer, because he's getting too old to compete at that level.

But he's playing for Man. City, there in the same league right now arn't they?

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Bolton Fan here :D Hopefully we'll get a mid-table place this year, fingers crossed. Fave players are Jay Jay and Djorkaeff, Giggs is still ok too. I also think Henry is the best striker in the world.

I hate Van Nistlerooy :crazy:

I don't really hate any clubs but I'd prefer Arsenal to win instead of Chelsea & Man U (Yes, I have already assumed those are the only teams with a chance of winning :p ).

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Wheeee an EPL thread :happy:

Favourite team: Liverpool

Most hated team: Everton...closely followed by Arsenal and Man U

Favourite players: Owen and GERRARD. He is awesome. :yes:

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Leicester 1-1 Arsenal

? Leeds 1-1 Chelsea

? Man Utd 4-0 Villa

? Newcastle 1-1 Liverpool

? Spurs 5-2 Wolves

? B'ham 0-4 B'burn

? Fulham 2-1 Bolton

? Boro 0-0 Portsmouth

GO MAN UTD......

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