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LOS ANGELES (AP) ? Casey Kasem was located in Washington state on Thursday, three days after a Los Angeles judge expressed concerns about the ailing radio host's whereabouts and safety.

Kasem's condition was not immediately known, although his children rejoiced after days of uncertainty and said in a statement that locating their father was the first step in bringing him back to the Los Angeles area.

Santa Monica police Sgt. Mario Toti said Kasem was located by the Kitsap County Sheriff's Department on Wednesday, hours after Kasem's children filed a missing person's report. Kasem's daughter Kerri, who was appointed his temporary conservator at a court hearing on Monday, had to wait for court filings before she was able to file the report.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel S. Murphy ordered adult protective services and court investigators to try to locate Kasem after an attorney for his wife told the court that the former "Top 40" host was no longer in the United States but he did not know where he was.

Kerri Kasem's attorney Troy Martin said during the hearing that Kasem had been moved to an Indian reservation but was not sure because he had been frequently moved from medical facilities.

"We are grateful to the local authorities for finding my dad," Kerri Kasem wrote in a statement. "We are one step closer to bringing him home."

Casey Kasem, 82, has been in poor health in recent years. Kerri Kasem's court filings state her father is suffering from a form of dementia called Lewy Body Disease that had previously been incorrectly diagnosed as an advanced form of Parkinson's disease.

Until Monday, Casey Kasem's wife of 34 years, Jean, had been in control of his medical care and controlled access to him. She has blocked three of Kasem's children from a previous marriage, including Kerri Kasem, from seeing him in recent months, according to court filings.

Danny Deraney, a spokesman for Kerri Kasem and her siblings, said the family still had "grave concerns" about Casey Kasem's health.

Jean Kasem's attorney Craig Marcus argued Monday that his client had the right to move her husband to any facility she saw fit. Murphy said he had the authority to order an investigation into Casey Kasem's whereabouts and appointed an independent attorney and doctor to evaluate the radio host.


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      Virgin Hyperloop: The first human passengers have traveled safely through a hyperloop
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      Image via The Verge On Sunday, November 8, two passengers safely traveled on the Virgin Hyperloop north of Las Vegas, in the desert of Nevada. The test marks the first time in history that the famed hyperloop technology, which promises rapid transportation of people and cargo at speeds close to and above 600 mph, was put to the test with humans onboard.

      Image via Virgin Hyperloop Trial passengers Sara Luchian and Josh Giegel, both company employees at Virgin Hyperloop, were ensconced in molded seats covered in white vegan leather, housed inside the all-white carbon fiber clad Pegasus pod (XP-2). Once strapped in, they were sped up to 107mph (172km/h) in 6.25s, in the 500m long Devloop. While this is certainly slow by the lofty figures that hyperloops promise, company officials decided to limit the speed for safety measures.

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      Commenting on the matter in court, Vernon Unsworth said that he felt humiliated by the comments and that it was like receiving “a life sentence without parole”; those at the trial said he was on the verge of tears while addressing the court.

      According to the BBC, the whole concept of JDART will likely be applied in further cases where social media behaviour is under examination.

      Source: BBC News

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      Sprint's 5G is now live in New York City, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Washington, D.C.
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      At an event in New York City today, Sprint announced that it's expanding its 5G network to four new cities. Naturally, New York is one of them, along with Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Washington, D.C. That makes the 5G service from Sprint available in nine cities, including Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Kansas City, and most recently, Chicago.

      The carrier says that its average download speed on 5G is 203.8Mbps, six times faster than its average 4G speed, 35.2Mbps. Between all nine cities, 5G covers a spread of around 2,100 square miles with 11 million people in the coverage areas.

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      As usual, it's not the whole cities that are lit up. In New York, it's various parts from Central Park to the southern tip of Manhattan. It works in Times Square, Chelsea Piers, Rockefeller Center, around the Jacob Javits Center, and the Port Authority Bus Terminal. There are also parts of Queens where it works, such as by JFK and LaGuardia airports. In NYC, it should cover 1.7 million people.

      The Los Angeles 5G network will cover 1.2 million people at launch, from Marina del Ray to downtown Los Angeles, along with West Hollywood to Culver City. Sprint says it will cover USC, UCLA, West L.A., midtown, and downtown Los Angeles.

      Over in Phoenix, 5G is opening up to 740,000 people in the greater Phoenix metro area, along with parts of Tempe, Scottsdale, and Glendale. Finally, 520,000 people will get access to 5G in Washington, D.C., with service around the Capitol, White House, National Mall, and many more notable landmarks.

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      Uber Eats announces expansion of Starbucks deliveries in the U.S. and London
      by Paul Hill

      Uber has announced that its Uber Eats service will now deliver Starbucks orders to more places in the United States and London, UK. Uber Eats customers in San Francisco can start making orders from today, and in the following weeks, customers in New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles will also be able to make orders.

      The expansion follows a pilot scheme carried out by Uber Eats which allowed customers in Miami to place orders with Starbucks. The delivery firm said that coffee has become one of the most searched drinks with orders for the beverage increasing more than 255% in the last year.

      Discussing the expansion, Starbucks said:

      It went on to mention that the two firms will begin serving customers in London, UK too:

      So, if you’re in San Francisco, be sure to update or download the Uber Eats app in order to begin placing orders with Starbucks. If you’re in any of the other cities, be sure to be on the lookout for the service launching in those areas too.

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      by Paul Hill

      Fans going to see the Los Angeles Dodgers Major League Baseball (MLB) team at the Dodger Stadium from 2020 should be able to travel to the stadium via the so-called Dugout Loop, built by The Boring Company, in order to beat the city’s notoriously bad traffic. The tunnel will be one of the first tunnels built by The Boring Company that gets put to use by the public.

      Speaking to CNBC, Dodgers’ CFO, Tucker Kain, said that the club should get approvals early next year so work can begin, he then said they hope to have it open by the end of 2019 in time for the 2020 season. The vehicles that run through the tunnels are designed to carry eight to 16 passengers and reach speeds between 125 to 150 miles per hour. Once it’s built, it should carry around 1,400 fans per game and cost $1 to ride. The trip will take four minutes.

      It seems like The Boring Company wants to use this tunnel to showcase what the infrastructure is capable of because the firm will apparently be fully funding the project. Kain told CNBC:

      The Dodger Stadium holds 56,000 people at capacity and is one of the highest-attended sports venues in world. The club hopes that with the tunnel, some of the congestion in Los Angeles will be alleviated. Overall, this project will be very interesting to watch to see whether the deadline can be met.

      Source: CNBC