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A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014)

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gosh    6

Just saw an advanced screening of A million ways to die in the west in Gilbert, AZ.  The new movie from Seth mcfarlan (family guy).  There's a lot of stars and cameos.  It's hard to give a review without giving away the jokes.
The movie takes place in arizona, in 1882.  Rather than being a romantic movie on the old west, its the opposite.  Everyone hates it in the old west.  There really isnt a plot, just nonstop gags.  Liam Nesion plays the bad guy, but you rarely see him.  He has this brad irish accent.

There's a back to the future scene that is cool. I wish they would have done another with the delorean on the train at the end.


Overall it's too long...the romantic dialogue drags the movie on.  The jokes are good.  The ending is a little trippy.  Reminded me a lot of a harold and kumar movie, and hey you got neil patrick harris and some trippy scenes.  It was fun to see it in the threatre with everyone laughing.  The only time the crowd didnt laugh is when bill maher said a couple jokes.  I would recommend it, just dont eat before seeing it.  Movie comes out the 30th.

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