Woman Incorrectly Fined For Facebook Post


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Be careful what you write in FB!


Facebook is wonderful ? except of course when it?s not. For as huge of a communication tool as it is, sometimes it?s really hard to communicate on the social media giant. Oh, it?s terribly easy to write messages and comments to other users and post updates to your status, and all that, but to really communicate? That?s something else entirely. Facebook comments face the same problem our text messages face ? we can?t always read the right tone, and conversely, we can?t always interpret the message correctly. What says one thing to one person might say something completely different to someone else. Oh, the problems of communication ? and this is compounded by many levels on Facebook.


One woman is learning the hard way how important it is to phrase your comments correctly on Facebook (or anywhere online for that matter). She is a member of the Facebook group ?Whalon Lake Dog Park? out of Bolingbrook, Illinois, and was recently fined for a comment she made on the private group?s page. If you had no idea you could be fined for a comment, please join the club.




You Never Know Who?s Watching?


Here?s what her initial comment said, according to CNET:


?I was feeling bad that I haven?t bought a pass and been bringing Ginger there but I?m pretty glad I haven?t. So not going to worry about it until later. I hope all the doggies get better soon.? Doesn?t seem so bad, right?


It turns out an employee of the park district saw the woman?s post, showed it to a supervisor, who eventually made sure that the woman got sent a $50 citation for using the park without an updated permit. To make matters even worse, no one even checked to see if she?d even been to the park with her dog (which she hadn?t)!


Ultimately, she was able to convince them she hadn?t been to the private park for over a year, and they cancelled her fine, but let this be another warning to all Facebook users: be careful what you post online!


[image via mopays]


SOURCE: http://www.cnet.com/news/woman-gets-citation-for-innocent-facebook-comment/

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